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"Absolutely incredible service, Julia took full control of our wedding made sure our entire day run smoothly and effortlessly. Highly recommend their services. I’m a certified wedding planner myself and her service blew us away!!"

~ Betania & Devon

"We signed on with Julia for month of coordination but she went above and beyond to help us plan our wedding. We booked her about 8 months before our wedding and right from the beginning she was already checking in with me to see if I needed help and was sending me monthly to do lists. She reviewed all of our contracts, took note of discrepancies and asked important questions to smooth out all the logistics.


Not only is she friendly and easy to work with but also organized, reliable and assertive, which you definitely need in a wedding planner. Our wedding was all that we hoped for and we are so thankful for all she has done for us!

I had quite a difficult time dealing with my venue. They had very poor communication and things were not getting done. It was so bad that it took about 2 months of calling and emailing just to get a simple floor plan. After I told Julia about what was going on with the venue, she took over and made sure to stay on top of things by continuously emailing and calling them to make sure that they were doing everything they promised to do. She took matters into her own hands and ended up coordinating them when they were supposed to be the ones coordinating us.

About 2 weeks before our wedding we hit a crisis. We had initially booked a florist who was in charge of both flowers and decor but that fell through at the last minute. We were so stressed out about the situation but Julia calmed us down and was able to help us find and secure a new florist immediately! Julia even took it upon herself to supply the decor items that our original florist was supposed to bring for us. She worked closely with the new florist to ensure that she would be able to match our theme of "romantic garden wedding" and even worked with her to reduce costs to meet our budget. 

We can truly say that we were able to enjoy our wedding day without worries. Julia set up the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, and then coordinated everything to ensure our entire program ran smoothly. All we had to do was have fun, she took care of the rest.

Thank you again Julia for all that you've done to make our wedding day perfect! You were invaluable in planning and executing our wedding day and we're so happy to now have you as a friend. Take care and keep in touch!"


~ Kathy & Derrick

"From the first day I met Julia, she was ready to take on the big challenge I had planned for my wedding.


It would be hard enough planning for one wedding, I had her help me with 2 that lasted 2 days!!! She did a phenomenal job planning the extravegent Hindu wedding on the Friday as well as the traditional Catholic wedding on the Saturday. She took care of every little detail that I asked for. She also helped me with the henna party that took place the Wednesday before the wedding, and even that went incredible. With Julia's guidance and expertise, she was able to make all three days memorable, less stressful and the most fun! Taking care of everything for all these events takes a lot of hard work. I'm so happy I was able to work with this exceptional woman.

Not only is she an exceptional person, but the most talented wedding planner.


Julia is the reason my special days turned out perfect. Granted that hiccups do and will happen in every planned event, but Julia's ability to improvise on the fly and call upon her resources are what make her stand out from the rest. Without her help, the wedding would not have gone as smoothly as it did. Definitely my go to gal for any event and party I plan in the future! It was great making a personal connection with you Julia! Keep in touch!!!!"

~ Reeta & Corrado

"I worked very closely with Julia when planning my wedding and not only is she a wonderful person, but she was so incredibly resourceful and helpful with all aspects of planning-- even if it's just giving me advice that I was asking her for!

Not only did my entire vision come to life, but it beyond exceeded my expectations to a level that I can't even describe. Their work honestly blew me away and everyone complimented me on how spectacular everything looked. It's rare to work with someone who understands you and doesn't judge you on your bizarre taste (I honestly do have strange tastes-- I know this) but she gave conscious advice and always steered me in the right direction, but never once made me feel like my ideas were off the wall. I trusted her opinion and couldn't be happier with the result. With my vision and her flawless execution-- my wedding is one to remember by all of those who attended and Julia was a huge part of that reason.

THANK YOU for being a dream to work with and for being such a huge part of the best day of my life."

~ Steacy & Joe

"Thank You! You made my day go by without any stress. Having the knowledge that every situation would be dealt with without needing to worry was so comforting. From the moment we hired you, you considered every finite detail to ensure our satisfaction was met. So approachable yet such a bad@ss to get sh*t done. WE LOVE YOU!"

~ Thu Ha & Michael

"To the Best Wedding Planner a girl could ask for. Thank you Julia for your dedication to perfection today. I don't know how I would've done this without you. No detail was overlooked and every crisis was averted, all thanks to you! It was everything I dreamed up and more, thanks for taking care of all the details I didn't even know existed!"

~ Carol & Trung



 "I can't begin to explain how completely grateful I am for everything you have done to make sure our wedding day was exactly what we wanted. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Next up, anniversary parties ..."

~ Cicely & Serge

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