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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Wedding Planner?

A Wedding Planner or Bridal Consultant is someone who specializes in engagements, wedding and honeymoon planning. Their experience enables them to understand every aspect of wedding planning so that you are able to enjoy making the decisions without all the running around.


Why should we hire a Wedding Planner?

A Wedding Planner will be a distinct asset to your wedding planning process. The assistance and support you will receive during this process can be priceless, not to mention not having to worry about all the details on your wedding day, giving you and your loved ones time to enjoy every moment.


What are the benefits of using a Wedding Planner?

Most couples are busy working full time, therefore the first benefit of using a Wedding Planner is the reduction of time. Your Consultant will take care of every detail so that you can spend time enjoying being engaged with family and friends. Have fun on your wedding day knowing a professional is working behind the scenes making sure your vision becomes a reality.


Can I afford a Wedding Planner?

A Wedding Planner should be a part of your overall budget and not an extra expense.​


Won't a Wedding Planner take over and run the whole show?

Our packages give complete flexibility on how much or how little support you need in organizing your wedding. Our job is to listen to you and offer assistance and support to you and your family during this time.

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